Responsible Investing

A Commitment to Responsible Investing

Owl Rock is deeply committed to upholding a responsible investment policy. Our ESG framework is rooted in a set of beliefs that inform all aspects of our investment process. We believe our commitment to this ESG framework is critical to both the long-term success of our firm and our corporate civic duty relative to the community at large.

Owl Rock’s ESG principles serve to answer the question – what do we believe?

  • Responsible corporate behavior will have a positive influence on long-term financial performance.
  • Our stakeholders are focused on the externalities of our investment decisions and would like to meet their investment goals while simultaneously improving the world in which we live.
  • ESG factors should be considered not just in the upfront due diligence process but rather thoughtfully analyzed and applied over the full life cycle of an investment from diligence, to ongoing portfolio management and construction, and exit.
  • We will encourage transparency and constructive dissent within our investment process to uphold a socially responsible investment framework.
  • Partnership is important with respect to aligning with sponsors who incorporate a proactive ESG strategy in their investments, providing insight and assistance to portfolio companies as they work to uphold responsible management practices, and providing appropriate disclosure to our stakeholders.
  • We appreciate that ESG topics continue to evolve and will work together as a firm to refine our ESG framework and enhance our effectiveness over time.

Below is an illustrative (though not exhaustive) list of ESG topics that inform our investment process.


Environmental practices
Natural resource usage
Carbon footprint
Adaptation to climate change
Impacts of changing regulation
Clean technology


Human capital
Health and safety
Labor relations and standards
Community impacts and relations
Equal treatment
Human rights


Cyber security
Accounting integrity
Investor rights
Board composition and structure
Corporate accountability
Conflicts of interest

ESG Investing Risk – Environmental, Social and Governance factors may inhibit a portfolio manager’s ability to participate in certain investment opportunities that otherwise would be consistent with its investment objective and other principal investment strategies. Underlying companies in a particular fund may not necessarily meet exemplary standards in all aspects of ESG performance; nor is any company perfect when it comes to corporate responsibility or sustainability.

All investments are subject to risk, including the loss of the principal amount invested. This is for informational purposes only and is not an offer or a solicitation to sell or subscribe for any fund and does not constitute investment, legal, regulatory, business, tax, financial, accounting or other advice or a recommendation regarding any securities of Owl Rock, of any fund or vehicle managed by Owl Rock, or of any other issuer of securities.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. There can be no assurance that historical trends will continue during the life of any fund. The views expressed are Owl Rock’s views and may change without notice as market and other conditions change.